Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Heads Up

Jaan's Massachusetts sentence ended on November 15th, 2008. Jaan was informed that on Monday, November 17th, he would be handed over to Federal marshalls, and transferred to a Federal facility to begin his 53-year Federal sentence. Monday came and went. Jaan was given a mattress, and sent back to his cell in the general population block. As of yesterday, he is still in Walpole, with no word of what's going to happen next.

In the event that Jaan does get transferred, we ask that all supporters be on the alert and ready to move in case there is any BS from the BOP. Transit is one of the most vulnerable situations for prisoners. Many abuses can and have been perpetrated against them en route from one concentration camp to the next. We are not specifically expecting anything in this case, but as they say: hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

It is likely to be a few months before Jaan lands to his next long-term location. He has been in Massachusetts for close to a decade now. Hopefully, comrades will step up and give him the local support he needs wherever he ends up.

Jaan's legal strategy continues. He is pleased to be leaving the Massachusetts DOC, but he really wants to be out, with his family, with his comrades. Freedom is a constant struggle!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Walk to Freedom for CORI Reform!

Thursday, May 22nd @ 10am

Bunker Hill Community College, Charlestown
Orange Line T-Stop: "Community College"

JOIN us on Thursday, May 22nd for the final leg of the Walk to Freedom. This Sunday (5/18), dozens from Ex-prisoners and Prisoners Organizing for Community Advancement (EPOCA) will begin a 5 day walk from Worcester to Boston to raise momentum for CORI reform.

MEET us on May 22nd at Bunker Hill Community College to welcome the walkers and to add force in the final leg to the State House.

Day of Action: Thursday (5/22)

10am - Gather at Bunker Hill Community College
11am - Begin March to the State House
2pm - Rally and Press Conference on the State House Steps
3:30pm - Visit Legislators to Deliver Our Message

Even after the Governor's Executive Order on the CORI, our criminal record system continues to sabotage our communities. Unemployment is high and we are barely hanging on. Join the movement for CORI reform. The time for change is now!

To join the Walk to Freedom from Worcester, call EPOCA at (508) 410 7676 or visit

To help mobilize from Charlestown to the State House, call the Boston Workers Alliance at (617) 427-8108 or email

The CORI Reform Demands:

1) Remove the criminal record question ("the box") from all job applications.
2) Only check CORI for sensitive positions
3) If a CORI is used, only check as the last step in the hiring process
4) Reduce the waiting period to seal a felony to 7 years and misdemeanors after 3
5) Automatically seal dismissed and not guilty and keep from employers and housing gatekeepers

Call the Chairmen of the Joint Judiciary Committee today:

Rep. Chair Eugene O'Flaherty (D - Chelsea Charlestown): 617-722-2396
Sen. Chair Robert Creedon (D - Brockton): (617) 722-1200

Please express our demands above, and tell them why you support CORI Reform Now!

May 22nd The March Route
Bunker Hill Community College ==> The State House

1) Start southeast on Rutherford Ave toward Prison Point Bridge - .2 mi
2) Rutherford Ave. becomes New Rutherford Ave. - .5 mi
3) New Rutherford Ave becomes N. Washington St. - .4 mi
4) Turn slight right onto surface Rd. - .1 mi.
5) Turn right onto New Chardon St. - .3 mi.
6) Turn Left onto Cambridge St. - .3 mi.
7) Turn Slight Right onto Tremont Street - .2 mi.
8) Turn Right onto Park St. - .1 mi.
9) End at 24 Beacon St., The State House
CORI Reform Supporters (partial list):

Academic Behavioral Clinic, Action for Boston Community Development, ACORN, AFL-CIO Executive Committee, Alternatives to Community Environment, American Civil Liberties Union, American Friends Service Committee, B1 Vision Urban Ministry, Black Ministerial Alliance, Boston Public Health Commission, Boston Rosa Parks Human Rights Committee, Boston School Bus Union, Brockton Interfaith Organization, Coalition Against Poverty / Coalition for Social Change, City Life / Vida Urbana, Community Change Inc., Community Church of Boston, Community Labor United, Criminal Justice Policy Coalition, Critical Breakdown, Democracy Center, D7 Roundtable Inc, Dorchester People for Peace, Ex-prisoners & Prisoners Organizing for Community Advancement (EPOCA), Freedom House, Greater Boston Labor Council, Greater Boston Legal Services, Green-Rainbow Party, Harvard Progressive Advocacy Group, International Action Coalition, Jericho Boston, Jobs With Justice, Juvenile Justice Center, Louis D. Brown Peace Institute, March to Abolish Poverty, Massachusetts Alliance to Reform CORI (MARC), Massachusetts Coalition for Healthy Communities, Massachusetts Global Action, Massachusetts Law Reform Institute, Massachusetts Mothers On the Move, Massachusetts Organization for Addiction Recovery (MOAR), Neighbor to Neighbor Massachusetts, New England Policy Advocates, Partakers Inc., Prisoner Re-entry Working Group, Project Place, Rosie's Place, Roxbury Environmental Empowerment Project, SEIU Local 509 Human Service Workers, SEIU Local 615 Building Service Workers, SPAN, Inc., State Wide Harm Reduction Coalition, STRIVE, Inc., Student Labor Action Movement, Teen Empowerment, Troops Out Now Coalition, Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts, Union of Minority Neighborhoods, United Food & Commercial Workers Local 1445, United for Justice with Peace, United South End Settlements, Students and Youth for CORI Reform, Veterans Benefits Clearinghouse, Inc, Victory Programs Inc, Women's Fightback Network, Women's International League for Peace & Freedom, Young Cape-Verdean Club, Inc

Download fliers and fact sheets for The Walk to Freedom:

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Jaan's Podcast

Check out Jaan's audio commentary podcast:

You can also listen to the series on Kansas City Black Liberation Radio.

Welcome to the new blog!


Welcome to the freejaan blog! Here you will find info about the ongoing struggle for the freedom of U.S. Anti-imperialist political prisoner, Jaan Laaman, as well as another Ohio 7 defendant, Thomas Manning and all political prisoners, prisoners of war and prisoners of conscience.

Check back soon for an update page with tons of info, audio and other media related to the struggle.

For now, check out these pages:
4strugglemag [a web zine of writings by north american political prisoners and their allies]

the jericho movement [a national organization dedicated to amnesty and freedom for all political prisoners]

ohio7 [some background info on the ohio 7, of which jaan laaman was a defendant]

critical resistance [a national organization dedicated to the abolition of the prison industrial complex]