Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Jaan's Podcast

Check out Jaan's audio commentary podcast:

You can also listen to the series on Kansas City Black Liberation Radio.

Welcome to the new blog!


Welcome to the freejaan blog! Here you will find info about the ongoing struggle for the freedom of U.S. Anti-imperialist political prisoner, Jaan Laaman, as well as another Ohio 7 defendant, Thomas Manning and all political prisoners, prisoners of war and prisoners of conscience.

Check back soon for an update page with tons of info, audio and other media related to the struggle.

For now, check out these pages:
4strugglemag [a web zine of writings by north american political prisoners and their allies]

the jericho movement [a national organization dedicated to amnesty and freedom for all political prisoners]

ohio7 [some background info on the ohio 7, of which jaan laaman was a defendant]

critical resistance [a national organization dedicated to the abolition of the prison industrial complex]